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Bozmanites United!

Kate Bosworth Fans United!
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Hello and welcome to Kate Bosworth Fans on LJ! If you wish to join the community request an invite and one of the mods will add you! Thanks! :-)

EDIT on July 2, 2006: people are wondering how I decide who to accept and reject. I look at your Profile, and if it has no information, you get rejected. If your LJ hasn't been updated in over a month or longer - or has NEVER been updated - you get rejected. Brand new journals and non-personal journals also get rejected. And if you have any interests that might make me suspicious you're a troll, you get rejected. If you'd like to plead your case or tell me why you're applying BEFORE I do anything with your request, you can message me here on LJ.

This is the first LJ community for the lovely and talented Kate Bosworth! Come one, come all Bozmanites and discuss one of Hollywood's fastest growing young stars.

Kate Bosworth ('Rosalee Futch' in "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton") made her feature film debut as Judith, the doomed young friend in Robert Redford’s drama "The Horse Whisperer." In 2002, she had a star-making turn in John Stockwell’s "Blue Crush," in which she played the central role of a competitive surfer trying to conquer Hawaii’s daunting Pipeline.

Bosworth more recently starred in the true-life crime drama "Wonderland." Her other film credits include Roger Avary’s "The Rules of Attraction," the independent feature "The Newcomers" and the acclaimed football drama "Remember the Titans," for producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Bosworth also received praise for her work in the television series "Young Americans" for the WB.

Born on January 2, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, Bosworth grew up in California, Connecticut and the south shore of Massachusetts. She is an avid horseback rider, and has been since she was a child. She was recently accepted into Princeton University, but has had to temporarily defer enrollment due to a busy filming schedule. - Bio courtesy of Dreamworks

*This is a Kate Bosworth Community- that means that we are going to discuss Kate. If you want to bring up her personal life that's fine, but only if it's in the context of Kate and as long as it isn't talked about for too long, since it is not the focus of this journal. The focus of this is Kate and only Kate. Enjoy!*

Community rules:

1. No Kate Bashing
2. Have fun!

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