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31 July 2006 @ 11:42 am
State of the Union!!  
Since I'm in a good mood because it's my crush's birthday today, I went ahead and approved all pending membership requests to get in here. So to all n00bs, welcome welcome! But, since people don't seem to read the User Info, I just wanted to make a Public Post about Membership Requests in general. This was added to the UI a while back:

EDIT on July 2, 2006: people are wondering how I decide who to accept and reject. I look at your Profile, and if it has no information, you get rejected. If your LJ has never been used or hasn't been updated in over a month or longer, you get rejected. And if you have any interests that might make me suspicious you're a troll, you get rejected. If you'd like to plead your case or tell me why you're applying BEFORE I do anything with your request, orlis_rr_girl@livejournal.com is where to reach me.

I'm very pleased and appreciative that our members have been so awesome thus far, so THANK YOU all for that. As well as for your contributions of articles, pictures, and GORGEOUS fanart in all forms! And I understand if you find that maybe I'm being harsh or overprotective but, I believe it was one of the reasons I was asked to help watch over this place, ya know? So I'm just trying to do "my job," so to speak. Oh, and let me also add that I know some people sign up for journals JUST to use for communities like this one, but they usually make at least ONE post in their journal to state that OR say so in their UI. If I find a journal that states that but hasn't been used or updated, I usually let them in because I know tons of people DO do that and not just troublemakers.

And because nobody loves an "all text post," behind-the-cut are the most recent pics of Katie that I am aware of ... from the Fuji Rock Film Festival on July 28, 2006! But because this post IS public, replies will be screened!

I like the casual outfit; cute & young. NOT a fan of her pockets being longer than her shorts, though, d'oh! That is gross. But I DO think she looks good in the grey color.

And this is just too adorable

I need to get that iconned!

<img src=